Trade Show Exhibits

Impressive.  Unique.  Memorable.

There's a lot of competition for the customer's attention at a trade show.  You want an exhibit that stands out amidst the clutter.  We've done the job with everything from roller coasters to waterfalls.

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A few samples of J. Boyd Hildebrant's trade show exhibits:

.  Four water cannons shoot streams of water in arcs 12 feet high and 14 feet wide.  The arcs meet in a central collection bowl. The firing is controlled by four computer-based multi-media interactives. A fifth computer handles the water management issues and monitors various points in the system to ensure proper operation. A complex system of five pumps, five tanks, and hundreds of feet of hose and cable was designed to be easily set up and just as easily dismantled.

2.  Waterfall tradeshow exhibit: A very large V-shaped exhibit 16 feet tall and 28 feet on a side contained two near straight-drop waterfalls. For ease of transport, seven individual modules merge seamlessly to become two large waterfalls. Each module was complete with its own pump, plumbing and controls. Combined, 700 gallons of water cascaded down the waterfalls every minute.

3.  Water Circus tradeshow exhibit: A Rube Goldberg-like collection of mechanisms were grouped into an all transparent, open-top exhibit to demonstrate the waterproof characteristics of this manufacturer’s line of switches. A unique system was designed to drain the exhibit into a special container in the flight case for transport. A microprocessor based control system ran all the mechanisms based on switch inputs.

4. Liquid Level Tanks tradeshow exhibit: A totally closed system of four vertical transparent tanks demonstrates liquid level sensors. The tanks fill to sensor level and then drain in a seemingly random order. Sixteen level sensors interfaced to a purpose-designed microprocessor based control system.

5. Liquid Level Tubes: Eight tubes of varying diameters and different materials demonstrate various sensor technologies, including fiber optics. The brightly colored liquid “dances” in the tubes as the sensors detect levels and a purpose-designed microprocessor control system regulates eight individual pumps. This tabletop application is self-contained and internally stores the liquid when not in use or in shipment.

6. ZX Microwave Sensor: Detects liquid levels through two inch thick, Teflon tank walls. The solid Teflon cylinder was machined to contain the sump, the pump cavity and the viewing compartment. A second Teflon cylinder was used to house power supplies, the microprocessor control system and the wiring. This tabletop demo is self-contained in use, storage and shipment. Filling, draining and freezing in shipment are all eliminated.

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